Saturday, July 11, 2009

Puppy love.

(Very old H&M sweater, F21 tube dress, Vintage purple shoes)

This is what I wore out to do my errands in today. The black shoes were too high so I switched it to these cute asymmetrical vintage shoes that I wish had a higher heel but perfect to walk a lot with. I went to Target to buy a few items because I'm moving to downtown in a week. I cant WAIT! :) Rent is kinda expensive, but at least its close to school. But the things at Target was pretty cheap because its "back-to-school" so everything is discounted! So.. isn't my doggy cute?! Chewie (named after Chebacca) looks kinda big here, but really he's only about 4 pounds. He's a Yorkie Terrier if you cant tell. I tried to take a picture with Yuki (maltese) but she was being camera shy.


  1. Loving the dress, and those shoes look so gorgeous. Awwww and Chewie is absolutely adorable! Hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear :)

  2. omg you named your dog chewie ?.. aww I had a lion head rabbit named chewie but spelled CHEWY back then =[ . .. ... oooo i like the high heels ^^

  3. Your dog is so adorable! As are your shoes! Purple<3

  4. Your dog is so cute!

    And I live in San Francisco so it's pretty much like winter.