Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All of our eyes are on you.

Yesterday me and my aunts didn't have work so we took a drive down to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It was THE BEST weather EVER. Just perfect, not too hot and not too cold. :) We spent the first couple of hours tanning (see? I told you guys I was gonna work on it!) I like how my metallic toes were really visible through the sand. My aunt was reading about Michael Jackson, he's amazing and will be very missed, but does it really have to be everywhere?! I also saw this turtle someone made out of sand, how cute!! Then we went to eat.. I think at Crow's Nest?!?! It's right on the beach. We ate so much food. It was ridiculous. We the walked about the Boardwalk but I didn't go on any rides, I'm so scared of heights. I watched my aunts ride though. Afterward, we had Carmel Apples and Kettle Korn. We barely ate any of the popcorn, because we were all too full :(

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  1. you made my tummy ache for sen dai :[ we need to eattttttt.