Friday, July 17, 2009

I miss the Sunset.

(Tube dress, F21 skirt, Vans, and a watermelon slice)

I love watching the sunset from my grandma's house. It's always such a pretty site. You like my bike? It's a Grape Mercier Kilo TT 47cm........... basically a purple fixed gear. Haha. I'm still learning.. at a very slow pace. In one of the pictures I'm sitting on a rock... a fake rock. There's an atena in it for my cell phone service since we live out in the middle of NO WHERE. I find it completly facinating. My nails are pretty darn boring, I couldn't for the life of me, think of anything to do. And I'm finally packing. Last minute. I have 10 hours to be done, because my dad is visiting with his truck to help me move. That's a picture about half of my clothes, and I realized, I don't own as much as I thought I did. Then realized once more, there's more stuff of mine in the other room and the garage. Urgh. Still a whole lot of work to do. :( Wish me luck, lovers.


  1. Such a cute skirt, and those nails rock x

  2. i love ur floral skirt.
    and ur nails.
    and i miss the hot weather and sunset too

  3. I like your nails... :) and good luck to your packing.. "hugs"

  4. I need a bicycle :(

    Congrats on the move!