Monday, June 22, 2009

Completely disgusting.

What a weekend! I left on Thursday straight after work and went back to my hometown, and somehow lost my earring and my nose stud. I didn't notice until the next day when I had to leave to another city. So in my rush, I took my brother's next size up in guage and it was hurting all weekend, like swollen. I didn't really look at it because I was sooo busy all weekend, kept running around to different places. So I thought my ear was going to go down, but then it started to puss last night. :( I havent even been home yet. I slept at my parent's place last night and went straight to work this morning and took the gauge out and applied an alcohol pad. So as you can see, it's starting to heal already. I hope my ear doesnt get all deformed!! And my nose piercing is closing up!!! I tried to put a new stud in today but it wont go through. How lame, I've had that piercing for years, you would think that it'd be able to stay open a couple of days.

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