Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nails, My Work of Art

My love for nail art is passing the point of obsession. I don't think I go more than 3 days without changing my nail design. Lately it's been every other day. Sometimes I repeat designs, if I really really like the design.. or if I am really lazy but want a change. My nails are never bare, and never without a design.

It could be as wild as these animal prints (Above: My friend, Below: The "Tropical" color is my hand, and the original color is one of my friends).

Or it can just be simple, not much thought to it....

**I don't always come up with my own ideas!!! Sometime I go online and look for some inspiration or I try to copy others ideas as best as I can. Other times, I just look around me and try to think of something that would amazing on the nails. I go for all type of styles: funky, conservative, retro, random; anything that pops up in my head, like the other week, I made my nails resemble the Monster Energy logo. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it though... Maybe I'll do it one day and post it up. But be on the look out for more nail designs!

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